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Data Privacy Policy


This website uses two essential cookies that do not track your personal information.

Your name and email address is collected and stored when you subscribe to the newsletter or when you start chat. We don’t use this information for any other purposes.

We use (chat) and (email newsletter) with disabled tracking so they do not collect personal data except that which you provide (name and email).

For website analytics we use Simple Analytics that doesn’t use cookies and it doesn’t collect or store you personal information.

Our online store is powered by and the payments are processed by we provide the details below.

Reflow e-commerce

We use as our e-commerce platform. Reflow platform will store your order details data including your name, email, phone number, and delivery address.


Payments at our website are processed by When you finalize purchase on our store stripe will capture and store your data that you provided during checkout. This data will include your payment details including the payment card details. Stripe needs this data to successfully process your payment.

Don’t want to use stripe? No worries, contact us and we will provide direct payment method. Cookies

When a visitor opens a page from a website and our widget is already appearing in multiple browser tabs on that site, the TawkConnectionTime cookie manages requests to load the widget simultaneously.

The twk_idm_key cookie is a session cookie that is added only if no twk_uuid is found. It is destroyed once the page is closed. Its purpose is concurrency control. If multiple pages are open at the same time, then multiple connection requests will be made at the same time. A unique identifier is generated to lock a page from making the connection first. Once a connection is made, it will release the lock and the rest of the pages will then be able to make the connection.

tawk_uuid_* HTTP cookie Essential*
twk_idm_key Visitor connection management Session Essential
TawkConnectionTime Manages visitor connection Session Performance and functionality

Simple Analytics

We chose Simple Analytics because they come with privacy first mindset. They collect only the very necessary information to provide simple reporting about the site visits.
Please refer to their documentation about what information they collect:


We use with tracking settings turned off. That means we don’t track if you opened email we sent you or if you clicked on any links.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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