Projector Rental

Currently you can rent our projector only in Portland, Oregon area. Please contact us with inquiries for other locations. We are sorry for the inconvenience we are working on more rental locations.

I would like to rent the outdoor projector outside Portland, OR area.

Please contact us with you inquiry to rent outside Portland, OR area.

How is the rental period defined?

You pay rental by night. You can pickup the projector or have it delivered from noon of the rental day and return it by noon the next day.

What is the longest I can rent the projector.

There is no limit on how many night you can rent our projectors, but please contact us with direct inquiry if you’re thinking about renting for more than 5 nights.

If you are interested in outdoor projector rental and you would like have or already own your own rental business please reach out to us.

Contact Us if you have more questions.

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